Thursday, November 25, 2010

At first glance this picture might look normal. Just a little kitten in the street, doing her thing by being lazy and wandering around aimlessly as street cats usually do.

Now...take just a little closer look...what do you see?

 YES! That does say Goat hoove!* I am not sure that it is an actual GOAT'S hoove, it could be a lamb, or a sheep, but really would that make much of a difference?
Pretty Mad eh?
The Kitty was chewing on it and licking it, but someone started walking towards her and she moved! Woulda been a sweeter shot with her gnawing at it!
This was taken just after the Eid-Ul-Adha islamic holiday. Where you slaughter a goat/sheep/lamb/cow, whatever and distribute the meat to the poor. It seems someone thought; this Kitty qualifies as poor! And literally threw her a bone.
Let's all say it together now: "ONLY IN SAUDI ARABIA!"  '_-

*The leg/hoove was still furry and bloody. Can't be very hygienic! Just lying on the floor in the heat like that. AKH!