Friday, February 4, 2011

Honey I Left The Kids!

For those of you with children, you know what it's like to go shopping with a bunch of mini-yous running around your ankles and pulling at your clothing (or abaya), always wanting/needing something, bathroom, water, “I’M BORED"....And before you know it the mall is closing and apart from trying to keep it together and clean sticky stuff off of you and your child you haven't gotten anything done or shopped for anything. SO! Here they came up with the bright idea of adding a play area for children to keep occupied while parents run errands...If you're thinking a few swings, slides and a sand box then you're very mistaken. As in most malls here, there is a full out carnival like fun fair for children to play in. 

WHICH is yes, very entertaining for the youngns and is relieving for the parents, but I feel what wasn't taken into account was the amount of NOISE these carnival-gyms create. I was out with a couple of friends and we were discussing our shopping slash eating slash downtime plan in the mall. And we were literally screaming and had to use exaggerated hand gestures like we were in the military trying to give secret signals. One of them had a vain popping out her forehead because she was talking (and by that i mean screaming) so loud for so long just to get a point across... Which by the time she was done screaming was--> 'Let’s meet up on the top floor so we can jump out a window together and save ourselves the trouble of losing our voices!'
Like it's not already a hectick experience especially during holiday and sale seasons there is now the added joy of bloody murder screams that drown out all other sounds, even the ones in our heads telling us to jump off a cliff! ☺
I suppose I'd be more inclined to the idea of this death-scream-making-machine, if they let me play on it! BUT it's only for small children. I don't think I was ever 'small' even as a child. Humph!

Still I suppose overall we should be grateful there's a place for our married friends with children to pop their little brats in while we do our thing.