Friday, April 15, 2011

Haadeth حادث

"Haadeth" the Arabic word meaning 'accident' or more specifically 'car accident'. Also known as the most common answer to the question “How did she/he get injured/die?” (In the Kingdom)
Why are there so many 'haadeths' you ask?
My answer would be, MONEY! The equation goes on like this -->Money (lots of it) = Buy a new car + Slap happy person behind the wheel, eventually smashes car, watches car burn up into fiery flames= Goes and buys a new car. That's just my opinion!
Apparently the real reasons are as follows: the number one reason for so many car accidents here is, human error (Translation: Underage/non licensed drivers). The second reason, speeding (Translation: Imagine a car trying to compete with a jet!). It seems they both go hand in hand. The faster you are moving, the less response/reaction/judgment time you have to decide what to do next before you go colliding into another vehicle, palm tree, or even a camel at 120k/h thus resulting in a collision/loss of limbs/fatality.
Car accidents are SO frequent here that I bet I could get a picture of a car disaster everyday of the week, if I wanted to and had the time. Fortunately (or unfortunately I'm not sure which yet) I am very busy. However, there are websites dedicated to just this...Getting pictures of messy car  related accidents, seems like it's more of an encouragement than a warning...! But who am I to say? I only know a little about some things.
Here are a few that I've taken.
 The best part about this one, he was still trying to drive it!
 Ouch!! I hope everyone made it out ok.
I really wish people will learn to drive the speed limit, wear their seatbelts and just focus!