Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Want a Natural Raccoon Look that Lasts for weeks?

Here's all you gotta do! 
Go out in the desert sun, with your favorite pair of sunglasses on, do not apply sun block or SPF lip balm (for a crimson red pout), hang outside (go for a walk, ride dirt bikes, sit at the beach) under the sweltering/scorching Arabian sun for a few hours, preferably during the hottest time of the day (11am to 2pm).
Once you get home remove (peel) the sunglasses from your face for a reverse raccoon mask! AND you're done! 


All jokes aside sunburns are very serious. Melanoma is the cause of at least 75% of deaths related to skin disease...I had no idea of any of this, but once I got this horrible sunburn, I began researching natural ways to sooth sunburns, only to find a whole lot more than I bargained for! As a heads up for all you new comers, I also discovered the very hard way that the sun here is 80 percent (I made this statistic up) hotter and more damaging than back home. I could spend hours out doors and the result wouldn't be this....!

If cancerous cells forming on your skin doesn't scare you off of tanning without an appropriate sunblock on, then I should also inform you that the results of this "tan" were not pretty. I had blisters on my lips and right on the apples of my cheeks....worst off all once it stopped hurting like hell and started to skin began peeling off like dried glue! Also my nose looked like I was in clown makeup! That was just the EWW on top of the cake!

[Incase you're wondering...I am much better now, thank you for your concern ]


  1. i liked this one sweets, it was commical and informative ...BUT the title needs to be changed you wanted to write NATURAL i assume, and it reads... NARURAL .